The Impact Report is a technical report that aims to show the main results achieved by Banca Ética in order to make visible the impact of its core business operations. Impact is the main differentiator in promoting an economic transformation that places human dignity and the sustainability of the planet at the heart of the financial system.


Impact results
Presentation of the socio-environmental results of the financed organisations, associated with the activities they carry out to solve the structural challenges in the three investment areas: Education and Culture, Social Development and the Environment.

Companies and organisations
Description of the companies and organisations that have received financing, through a characterisation of the set of these, with the territorial disposition of the operations they carry out, and how they are composed in terms of size, number of workers and seniority.

Financing managed
Amounts related to the financing historically managed in terms of economic resources: cumulative stock, number and amount of operations, use of financing, evolution of the portfolio and its behaviour.

Conscious Investors
Description of the network of legal and natural persons involved in the financing of the credit operations managed. It shows the evolution of the investor network over time, its characterisation and profiling, and the distribution of the portfolio by profile.

Work structure
The results are framed and contextualised through a biographical description of the evolution of Banca Ética, a description of the underlying impact model that guides the financing managed and a characterisation of the team that gives life to this organisation.

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